so im wondering if anyone can help me out by letting me know if theres a way to turn off the monitoring through the saffire 6 usb? i would like to just be monitoring through ableton, and i tried downloading mixcontrol because someone on another forum said it does work with the saffire usb, but i dont think it does because everytime i open it, it says no hardware detected. so if anyone could help me out that would be awesome. thanks.
What are you trying to do exactly?

The output will always come from the USB as it prevents latency, doesn't mean it's not coming from ableton though. If you're not getting your effects from your DAW you need to turn the mix knob till you get the output mix instead of the input.
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thanks i fixed it. i was trying to use dummy clips to automate volume in real time but i was getting the signal pre ableton and post ableton. it was like everythings dry/wet was 50%, and since i was trying to do this while looping it was a pain because i couldnt hear exactly what it would sound like once i recorded it. but that seemed to fix it so thanks.