So, lately I have been hanging out with this group of friends who are very open about sex and everything and there are a couple of girls with whom I almost certainly will have the opportunity to have sexual intercourse. Now, the only problem, if even a problem, is that I'm going to have to use condoms. My experience with them hasn't been great. I'm pretty comfortable with my sexual performance without a condom, but when I use one, it just doesn't feel good at all, my sensitivity reduces to almost nothing and for some reason, I feel (I know) that I can't give not nearly as much pleasure to the other person as I would without wearing one. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do? I've heard of condoms that are designed to feel almost like you have nothing on you, do they really work?
Guess this is one great thing about me having exremely sensitive skin. Condoms actually makes everything better for me. So. HA HA!

And those ultra thin condoms where it's supposed to feel like nothing is there is a cash grab. If you want to use one of them you might as well save your money and not wear one to begin with.
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go to the sex thread son.

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