Im planing on buying another guitar and the bc rich mockingbird stq cought my eye especially the purple one http://www.bcrich.com/models/guitars-and-bass/Mockingbird/2012-Mockingbird-STQ/201
but i've heard the bc rich guitars suck and dont know anything about it, and unfortunately I cant go out to a store and try one out because i live in a very small city which is almost in a way rural because of the part of the city i live in, so no going to stores to try guitars out cause i dont even know of one near me so its strictly online. So if Bc rich is'nt good which way should i go... what i want in a guitar
Unique/cool looking body shape, non of the normal strat or lespaul shapes
Good for stuff any where from
Blink 182
Iron Maiden
August Burns Red
The Devil Wears Prada
Of mice and men
Bullet For my valentine
Parkway Drive
and things around that tone

my amp is a 6506+ combo version that i just got

Btw i'll go any brand except Ibanez, and epiphone I own a ibanez and want a different brand and dont like epiphones or gibsons (yes i said it!!!)
Budget $700
Condition: New or used
dont tell me to go on craigslist because i just dont like the idea of it but thanks xD
The mockingbird stq is 600 so i got a spear but 100
Hardtail, no tremolo bars
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I think the consensus is that cheap BC Rich's are crap, but when you go for midrange to upper midrange ones they get quite good. 700$, especially if you go used, should get you a decent BC Rich.

Or atleast this is the impression I have got.

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That looks like a quality guitar, just do not get a bronze series BC Rich.

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That should do fine. Mid- to high-end BC Rich guitars are of comperable quality to any other "metal" guitars in the same price range. It's mainly a question of feel, aesthetics and specific details that will set them apart.

Since you're looking for something different, you might also consider Dean, DBZ, Fernandes, and Reverend in the same price range.
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I personally wouldn't touch them because there are alternatives to be had from other manufacturers that are better imo. The higher-end ones are good, but they're just not what i like. Mockingbirds are the exception though, they're cool.
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