An old song I made in guitar pro ages ago, but I finally decided to turn it into an actual song instead of just some guitar pro composition. Went with a different drum sound than I usually do, think it sounded decent though. Not too much guitar in this one, but that's alright. Give me some thoughts etc and I'll critic back of course

I kinda wish this had some lyrics or a clear melody. It just kinda floats along and I found myself drifting in and out of listening. It's not bad. In fact it is quite well done it just didn't capture my interest as much as I would have liked. Everything flowed nicely and the parts leading in and out of the different sections were nice. Nice work, just isn't my style really. Keep it up!


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Intro has an excellent build up, phrased nicely and flows well into the verse.

This style of music isnt usually my cup of tea, but I quite like it. If there was a clear cut melody rather than it being as progressive as this, it might make the song catchier.

But it seems to be a well thought out and produced nicely. Well done.

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Like Skint Out said, this isn't really my cup of tea either, but I quite like the progressive element of it, I think it's a really nice track, makes me feel relaxed. There's not much I can really add, the others have pretty much got it, however I would say don't feel the need to make the song catchier, as a lot of people could really chill to this sort of thing, it doesn't require too much attention to listen to, and the fact that KevinFreund was drifting in and out of it highlights this nicely.

It might not be a go-to track for a party, but it's a nice piece of music that I find very relaxing, and I'm sure a lot of others would feel the same way about it.

Thanks for commenting on mine by the way
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I like the vibe on this piece. It's like 80's New Wave meets modern indie. Weirdly enough it also kind of reminds me of some of the great RPG soundtracks of the 90's. I can't really pick on anything production-wise. I could imagine just bringing the drums up could really up the energy on it, but that would change the feel, and that's good as it is. If anything I'd suggest striping down the beginning and adding/bringing elements up and out into the mix so that it gets bigger as it goes and directs the listener's ear more and adds interest without messing with the chill factor.

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Hey Joshua1207,

I really like how thought out this piece is. The attention to detail is pretty sweet, and it's a different composition from what I'm used to hearing so far on this site. This is a song I can definitely chill to.

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Straight off, I love the almost Baroque feel. The ambience is really good, it's not too repetitive either which can be detrimental to an instrumental piece. I agree with another user up there that it sounds like the soundtrack to a video game. My favourite part is around 2:40, the whole ending is really interesting. It isn't what i'd normally listen to, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, Great job man!
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