I like your idea and it has a lot of potential to sound great but the recording didn't really pick up on the "full" sound of the guitar(s) but you're headed in the right direction. I'm definitely enjoying your melody though.

Take your pick of a demo of mine:

https://soundcloud.com/charlie036/and-we-were-running-out-of (time)
Hey man I really like it. Which is surprising considering that I never listen to that sort of thing but it's cool i think you could go somewhere cool with it if you added onto it. Really cool

here's a pretty badly recorded idea of mine.
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Your guitar tone is certainly interesting in this song, although I think that's cause you got some synth thing going whenever you hit a note (I think). This song feels very interlude-y, like it should be setting up the next song, or finishing up the previous. It doesn't really go anywhere, but I don't think you were trying to do a full song. Works as an interlude well though.

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thanks rjaylaf. i left you a comment on soundcloud as well.
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