short story is that i am buying a house an hour away from the house i own now. i will keep them both and be at both regularly. my wife and i will go back and forth as needed.

the house i am in now (referring as main house) has significantly more space, so it will likely have more gear there.

but i have a trans am, and she has a cavalier, doesn't make gear transport the easiest.

this is total opinion, if you have any ideas i would love to hear them.

main house: (moreso what to bring to secondary house)
Splawn Nitro or Splawn Promod
either the orange dual terror or the 18 watt (easy to bring the heads back and fourth)
Mesa MKIV +4x12" or VHT Sig:X +4x12
each will have an Orange PPC212OB

what grouping would cover most of the ground? remember that i don't have as much space in the new house so i will have less there.

as far as guitar goes, i think i will travel around different houses but keep a LP and both places and at least one ibanez prestige, and one of many other. a wolfgang at both spots.

what do you think? i am not trying to be an asshole, or whatever, i am just looking for opinions on what combination would give me more of a tonal plethora.

i could potentially be moving in at earliest next tuesday, but it could be a week or two farther out.
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