I'm thinking of getting myself a guitar kit, but I'm not sure if it will end up being a waste of money. I've built a guitar before, so I won't be completely clueless, but I don't have access to the workshop I used previously (it closed down ).

Are there any good quality kits or companies anyone would recommend? I've been looking at Pit Bull Guitars - has anyone used them, or should I get something from elsewhere?

Schecter Omen-6
Custom-built explorer (my first build)
Schecter Damian-6
Two strat copies
Home-made PitBull Guitars Flying V
Blackstar HT-1RH
Blackstar HT-Metal
Dunlop KH95 Wah
I bought a strat style kit a couple of years ago, a really cheap Tenayo one (the brand is probably defuct now). Its definetly not a waste of money if you want something to mess around with, and the final result is definetly playable, even if mine needs a setup.
Obviously the parts on a 100€ guitar kit won't be great quality, but good enough to get going. I ended up repòacing the tuners, which were quite bad, and all of the electronics, but only becuase I wanted to do my own thing there, they would probabily have worked fine.

Those Pit Bull Giuitars look good, plus if you've built a guitar already, you won't find it hard.