What is with this asshole? I mean, look at him for god's sake: h ttp://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/crazysam23_Atax/pictures/personal/1151461/

There is no chance in hell of this poor excuse for a human being gets pussy. Does he ever log off?

I have lurked for quite some time and noticed his antics. Get this, he actually thinks he's smart

I open the odd thread or two from time to time and notice out of the corner of my left eye this ****ing hideous creature smiling away like he has all the answers, or just raped the neighbors dog: ht tp://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/crazysam23_Atax/pictures/personal/1170936/

I look at the writing and proceed to face palm at this moron's antics. Always trying to make himself look intelligent at the expensive of some guy who most likely said nothing worth provoking a quotation and response from this gigantic turd burgler in the first place.

He will never admit he's wrong, he is usually wrong.

He "studys" religion re: reads internet arguments and waits for any form of answer without doing any actual study to be able to point the finger at the religious people he encounters on the internet.

He makes some of the worst music I've ever heard in my entire life but this dosn't stop him from proceeding to tell other people what good music actually is.

He thinks he is metal recently.

He has written two blogs on this very site: it's a desperate attempt to look smart and impress his peers. Go and read the technique vs feel one if you dare so
What a dumbass!

He calls himself recording into his shitty GuitarRig4 program a band - can you believe this guy???

He was never even taken seriously at all on this site, or anywhere else in the real world, untill recently when the main group here stopped ignoring him. They stopped ignoring him because he started using emoticons, he was no longer the deadly serious crazysam23_Atax they once seen posting nonsensical rants when everyone was merely joking but he couldn't grasp the sarcasm. He now had...a personality, in their eyes.

But of coarse I know this isn't true, he does nothing but sit on this forum all day trying to earn your respect doing things like this:
h ttp://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/crazysam23_Atax/pictures/personal/982341/

You have been infiltrated. You now regulary converse with the worst poster in u-g history and even stoop to his level of ******ation from time to time. Do you not see?

This eater of fairy bread set up RoarAudio, he planned it all along and like fools you all played into his little trap. Shame on you all! You chose Judas instead of Jesus!

He is the devil, he speeketh with a fork tongue, he is the prince of lies.

Let's have another look at how everything got this far, huh?
ht tp://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/crazysam23_Atax/

You have been warned. Don't trust this asshole.
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I've never agreed with a post more than this one in my life.

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If women can be annoyed there arent any women incongress I should be allowed to be pissed off there are no members of pink floyd or the beatles in congress.
Seriously though, Sam is a cool guy. He might not always be right but he always is fully invested in debates that he is involved in.
What is this I don't even...
talk about pathetic


God I hope this is a joke, because if you really took this much time to call someone out on a message board, you're the one who needs pussy.
Getting a hate thread on UG is like winning a Grammy.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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