well, i'm going to start to make a guitar,(hopefully with the wood work teacher) ... so he should know about wire-ring the right parts ect... I was just wondering what ways to go about it, should I make a body, or should i buy an old one, should i make a neck or buy one? whats going to be the easiest... well i mean der.. buying all the stuffs going to be easier, but i mean which way would be the best? give me your reasons
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I wouldn't build the neck myself. Necks are tricky and require lots of tools and various saws. Not to mention adding the truss road, measuring fret distance and giving it the right amount of relief would be troubling.
If money isn't an object by a warmoth neck. Then you can add machine heads and a saddle, that isn't too advanced.
I'm assuming you don't want to wind your own pickups or make your own strings, so those can be bought also.
The only real part I personally would actually consider building is the body. And even that isn't so much a build as it is a cut. Lot's of cuts. You could also buy pick guard material and cut out the shape you want. Your wood teacher can help with that. Something so many people who build there own guitars neglect is the pick guard. But hey, to each his own.
Definitely agree on buying the neck, you might even be able to get a semi trashed guitar off eBay or something with an intact neck for super cheap, just remove the neck (obviously try for a bolt on) then you also have a guitar body to mess around and practice with before you craft your own . Pawn shops are a good place to check too, you might find a total POS guitar with a decent neck you can salvage and work on to get it nice.
I did this with a Strat copy, crap guitar but a nice neck that I have sanded my own shape just for my hand into . Other things like the sloppy neck pocket, sloppy routing edges and finish are all things I have fixed up on this. It was amazing practise for when I eventually get round to building my own guitar and because deep down it is just a 20 quid pawn shop jobby, I litterally could not give less of a shit if I wreck it or not! I will be saving the neck though if that happens, if anything as a template for other work I do xD

PS. She is called Toluca after the lake in Silent Hill. The combination of brown burst finish, and the colours I painted the pickup covers, knobs and other details reminded me of the whole blood and rust theme for the otherworld. My hope is that this will relic nicely to further complete the degraded, run down look I'm eventually hoping to achieve. I'd sand some finish off if I wasn't almost 100% sire this thing is made of plywood and the "grain" you can see through the semi trans finish is just a veneer.
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I would say your eventual goal should be to build your own guitar totally by yourself, using only hand tools that you crafted and wood that you cut down and seasoned. But for starters, fixing a semi trashed guitar is a far gentler introduction to the hobby, and is still lots of fun.