Long story short : A big ass heavy keyboards was dropped on my guitar, after that it's developed some nasty fret buzz on the 5th fret of the A string, on the 8th fret of the D string, and on the 11th fret of my G string.....needless to say I had no fret buzz whatsoever before the incident.
I should also add that the guitar looks immaculate, it doesn't seem that the neck or any other part of the guitar was damaged...so i'm kinda puzzled, really.
Raising the action didn't solve the problem by the way...
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Sounds like someone dropped a big ass heavy keyboard on your guitar.

Is there any indication of the fret being raised? perhaps the neck relief needs adjusting.

Bring it to a tech.
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Sounds like you might have accidentally caused the frets to raise up, or give them a good dent. You can use a straight edge the length of 3 frets to check if the frets are leveled. If the straight edge rocks, then the fret it is on is uneven with the rest.

Look down the neck and make sure it isn't twisted or bowed.
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