Hi guys, need your advice on something. I have this old strat that sounds great but the neck is absolutely destroyed and irreparable. Now i am looking to buy a new neck, and was wondering if I should buy a genuine fender neck, or go for the cheaper "licensed" fender necks i see on ebay. I don't have any experience in this, and was also wondering if anybody could tell me if i was sacrificing build quality/reliability/playability etc by going for the cheaper option. Thanks.
I wouldn't go cheaper than Mighty Mite personally. They're licensed and good quality.

If you want something more customized then warmoth is the place to go. You'll spend more, but they are nicer and you can get basically any option imaginable. The order sheet on Warmoth is fun to play with anyways. I like to make the most expensive guitars on Earth.
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also www.allparts.com has diecent necks.
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Rather than Warmoth, go for Musikraft or USACG. Warmoth have the prettiest site and the most customers so they in turn get the most glowing reviews, but they are not as close to a normal Fender neck as you would think and they are not for people who are new to the world of buying and setting up parts. The fret ends aren't smoothed off, the fretboards aren't rolled, the frets aren't crowned, the nuts are cut very high and you have to pay extra to get otherwise basic things like a fretboard radius you are used to or a contour which feels right. There's also the problem that their headstocks are a slightly different thickness than Fenders, causing problems with some tuners, and their double truss rod really severely effects the tone and resonance of a neck.

I've had three Warmoth necks myself and worked on many others for various people. Of the three I use myself, all have been replaced by Musikraft and Fender necks. Warmoth make great bodies but rubbish necks. Buy all your guitar bodies from Warmoth; buy all of your necks elsewhere.

To that end, for absolute top quality you should either try to find a second hand (but otherwise good condition) neck from a Fender American Standard Stratocaster, since that is the highest quality Fender neck you can get which will definitely fit whatever body you have (American Deluxe necks are nicer but use a contoured heel) or hit up USACG/Musikraft and pay to have a neck made to your spec. Both those companies offer many more options than Warmoth at a lower price and they also roll their fretboard edges, smooth the fret ends, crown the frets and Musikraft will even install Kluson tuners for you.

Second to that would be a Mighty Mite or MIM Fender neck. Mighty Mite are nice enough products but, like Warmoth, they always require additional work. They're not a finished, complete product like you get from Musikraft or USACG. MIM Fender necks are fine—quite lovely, in some cases—it's just they tend to be abused a bit more so finding one on eBay or wherever which hasn been worn into an unplayable state is rarer.
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