Finally managed to land myself a part-time job last month so I'll soon be able to score some decent kit After 5 years I can finally ditch this horrid Yamaha!

Amp I have not yet decided, but I'm thinking possibly a JCM800 or similar.

My current kit is a Yamaha RGX121Z with a Valvetronix VT40+

What I usually cover: Foo Fighters, Nirvana, and RHCP. I'm a Rhythm player.

What I'm after is: comfort, and something that allows me to give the strings a real thrashing. I already have about £200 worth of pickups so really just need the body+neck.

The sound I'm after: A good, thick distortion. Example 1 (love this sound) Example 2 Example 3 Example 4 You get the point.

Budget: Up to £300 but can stretch now given I have the job.

Am I right in thinking an Ibanez RG550 and JCM800 will come close to this?

I know this is a very open ended question but I could really use some guidance, been out of the loop for quite a while!

Thankyou very much
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I have £300 for each matey, and can stretch.

Problem is Kurt used so much equipment and combinations of equipment it's hard to pinpoint what he used in each show. I can't for the life of me find what he used for Live and Loud.

I don't aim to sound exactly like him either, just need that thick distortion sound.

Really starting to like this sort of thing, too:

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Biggest issue is that the bands you listed use a mix of Single Coil guitars and Humbucker Guitars, so that is where the trade off will come. The idea is right on the JCM800 dialed in properly it would be a decent amp selection of course you could do better but the JCM will probably be more versatile.

You could do a HSH or HSS Ibanez then split the humbucker(s) but I find it doesn't sound exactly the same. I would personally get a guitar suited of the ones you like the most, if you favor nirvana or RHCP more get a strat type guitar, and if you favor foo fighters more get something with humbuckers like a les paul type or ES335 type guitar, then when fund permitted purchase the other one. Not as cost efficient, but awesome!
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As for the guitar, I've got my hands on a brand-new Pawn Shop Mustang Special for € 450,- (€ 700 now again), it has this coil-splitting feature and you combine them (15 combinations). Try buying something alike or wire it yourself?
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Some more updates.

The amp - there was a JCM800 2412 50W that went for £340 a while back that I was gutted to have missed out on. That same amp is back up for sale - whether or not the deal fell through or the new owner is selling it, I'm not sure. But could this be what I'm after?

The guitar - the Reverends don't really look my thing but I appreciate the suggestion!

There's a Fender Showmaster HH 2006 body for £215 I've found, would come to about £300 after import costs and getting tuners/bridge etc. It's an absolutely gorgeous flame maple finish.

Description: Official Fender Showmaster HH Body & Neck- 5 lbs, 10 oz-
Bookmatched flame maple top, mahogany back w/ belly cut
Serial: 05054139
Fingerboard/Inlay: Rosewood, 24 Jumbo frets, Ablone Inlays
Neck/Profile: Mahogany, Thin Modern "C" Shape

As lovely as it looks I'm a bit worried about the lack of information and can't guage if the price is realistic etc.

Any ideas? Think what I'll probably ultimately end up with is some sort of Ibanez superstrat-style guitar.

I do prefer single coils but it's not a massive problem, especially with the kind of distortion that'll be going onto them. A HSH would be nice, though. That's sorta what got me thinking of the now oh-so-elusive RG550.

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