hey guys i have a givson guitar with 2 HumBz one on britge and other near neck and a single coil in the middle of them

Ive been playing it with 9-10 guage strings for a long time
this time I bought Nickel wounded 12g that goes


I want to know what difference am i going to feel?
and what difference would it make if i change the 3rd one into nickel wound??

if you need to know what kinda stuff i play you can check my profile its all there.

Thank You
What difference are you going to feel? The strings will be metal. The wound ones will be a little rougher than the plain strings. If you change the 3rd string to wound it will be rougher also.

Seriously though, they'll be heavier. If you tune to the same pitch you will notice a lot more tension in the strings. You might need to adjust the truss rod.
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Quote by kian89
I Mean what difference in sound m i gonna hear??

Given that you have already purchased these strings, how about you put them on and find out?

These types of questions are generally asked prior to purchase, but since you now have to ability to answer your own question why waste time here?

Also, I'm not generally a language stickler but spelling and grammar are your friends. These are not SMS messages...
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Try them out yourself, then try the setup thread in EG when you discover you need a truss rod and intonation adjustment from jumping up three gauges.