What do you guys think about the whole "Kids in school band do better in school" thi


I think it's just cause they're parents are pushy n make em do band so they are pushy and make them get good grades. I don't think playing an instrument makes you smarter
Kids in school band are usually dorks.
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If I could go back in time, I would've taken music class, probably not band though
OH you mean in the school band.
BEcause if you don't get a B average or w.e then they kick you out of the band, and the kids want to be in the band, so they work towards their grades more. It's a big incentive for them.
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Kids in school band are usually dorks.

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My schools never had a band. I did play sports though, and still ended with an A average all through high school.

I was definitely the exception to the rule in my school though. Most of the guys I played hockey with barely graduated and never left home unless they got a camp job.
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I think it's just cause they're parents are pushy n make em do band so they are pushy and make them get good grades. I don't think playing an instrument makes you smarter

you say it like it's a bad thing

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well if your in band you probably care about whether you do good or not, most other kids don't.

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It's cuz band attracts nerds and nerds do better in school.
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I wish I was in my schools band.
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I think it is also linked to motivation. Usually to be involved in a school activity you need decent grades... also you spend a majority of your time that you aren't in class with other kids who need good grades instead of at home playing video games
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Kids in my school that did band were dorks and all the smart people. Looking back I would have loved to do trupmet or sax but oh wells.
i think its just kids in activities in general becasue they need a B or was it C average

but there have been studies showing how playing an instrument helps th ebrain develop better
I did band in HS and i'm a genius.
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