First of all: Hello!! I'm Bert and I use Ultimate-Guitar often to play songs on my classical guitar! I'm quit a noob in this musical instrument repertoire, cause I'm originally a alt-saxophone player.

Me being here has 2 goals. The first one is obvious: I want to go further and deeper in the whole guitar experience and with this website and forum I plan to do so.

The second one (and I don't know if this thread is here appropriate: advice me where I can put it?) is my masterthesis! I conduct a research on Guitar Covers on YouTube / Online. It's the DIY phenomenon that knows a big growth thanks to the video sharing sites nowadays. I have a small survey to research the guitarplayers behind the video and I would like to ask if (who did post a YouTube video online before) you want to participate in this 3 minute survey.

You can find it here: link .

Thanks, and I hope to hear en meet you soon (online)!
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