I just changed my bridge pickup into a D Activator (DiMarzio) from DD HB-102, but where did I go wrong?

Although my soldering skills are, well, I don't have any, never even soldered before, I think I managed to connect the pickup. But the sound I get out of it is much weaker than it from the neck pup.
It's just two humbuckers, no coil-taps, two tones and a volume.
Sounds like the pickup is too low trying raising it the bridge pickup is usally as close to the strings as possible without interferncing from hitting it while playing.
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Perhaps you accidentally wired in parallel
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Nope, I is not a matter of the pup height.

How could I have done that parallel installation? I checked the diagrams from Dimarzio and SD, also the ones telling which cablecolour is which in them.
Then I installed them the way the older were - so does it mean that the ground cable switched places with the hot cable?
Yeah, got is solved. Had to change ground and hot wire - duncan designeds have a different colourcoding on their wires...

But now, as I was playing a bit louder with my band, there's this little highpitched sound if I'm not playing anything and touch the strings.
Grounding sucks, probably?
Could be grounding or a cold solder joint. More than likely if the noise stops once you hit the strings it has not been ground properly. If you followed the diagram correctly I doubt it is a lack of you not grounding it, but rather bad soldering. Trust me, I practiced on a beginner guitar when I was soldering, I am still not that great at it, but I am getting better.
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Think it might be a bad soldering, yeah. I'm not sure whether it was a good idea to solder the ground wire to a metal screw where all the other groundings were and then the bare wire to a back of a potentiometer. but I think it also made the noise only when I was playing facing the amp, so have to live with it for a while now.