So for the last 8 years or so I've been playing on a solid state 30w combo amp. It isn't the greatest sounding amp but it gets the job done and has character. All the ensembles I've been in so far have been acoustic groups and I havnt had to use an amp for the guitar, but I've been talking with a drummer and we are putting together a garage band project. I figured its about time I upgraded my amp and was wondering what kind of amp would be not too big to still use for practice and at home but loud enough to play with a full band in a bar or club and have enough power to hear the guitar fine. I'm thinking about going with tubes and was looking into blackstar amps. I play a little bit of everything but usually cleanish or with a little bit of gain. I was considering getting a head and cab but I dont have thousands to drop on amp stuff right now and was wondering what would be a decent sized amp for a decent price that could do what I am looking for it to do? Thank you.
I use an Egnater Rebel 20 with a 1x12 for bars/small clubs and, recently, at home and works quite well in both situations. Its a single channel amp but has incredible range at any volume. Last I saw Musicians Friend was selling the 20 head for $399, great deal IMO.
Go for the Id series Blackstar amps. They can do it all, or at least from what I've heard.
What gumbi said.
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Budget? - Cheap, under 1k.

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If you were to get a head-cab setup, you can get yourself a 2x12 that converts from closed to open back. The head I can't recommend* but the cab will be versatile enough to get you in the proper neighborhood for whatever you're playing at the moment.

* I'm a very un-versatile player so my amp knowledge is limited. I'm only familiar with my two Fenders and have been happy with them so I haven't been sampling a slew of other amps.

Remove V1 & V6. Put the 12AX7 from V1 into V6 and leave V1 empty. Try the vibrato channel.
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Peavey JSX would be good
Obligatory Vypyr Tube rec
EVH 50 watt
Possibly h&k Tubemeister
Marshall DSL401
Possibly an Egnater...
Which of those genres do you play the most?
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What you really need is a new amp.

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I have been hearing about MG amps lately. I have heard good about them, but only a few times have they been talked about here.

Recently reggae and cleaner rock stuff. I also play a lot of stuff that sounds 90sish, like old green day, sublime, weezer, nirvana stuff. I don't use too much distortion and am looking for something warm that really expresses the dynamics of the instrument. The vox I have right now isn't bad, like the cleans and distorted models arnt terrible, but to me they sound lifeless. That I want to get a little more volume out if my amp but not a whole lot. Like unless I'm giging I'm not going to be loud anyways so I don't need like a billion watts or a ton of speakers or anything.
If you like the Vox sound but want something with some more life and character, just get yourself an AC30c2 and call it a day. Great amps. In my year and a half of ownership, I haven't come up with a single thing I don't like about it. Very expressive amp, highly idiot-proof (sounds good all the time unless you really dick around with the EQ settings), and gets outstanding sounds any volume louder than conversation level, decent tones at conversation level. Obviously, whisper level sounds like $hit, but we're not concerned about whisper level.
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