I've never really noticed this problem up until now and it's driving me insane. When strumming the knuckle on the index finger of my picking hand is constantly hitting the strings. Sometimes the point of the finger hits strings as well when I'm picking single notes.

I can't tell if it's an issue with the way I hold the pick, the way I strum, or if it will just go away with more practice. Heres some pics of how I hold the pick.

That's how I hold the pick now and its nice and comfortable but the point of my finger is almost at the same height at the point of the pick. Also the knuckle on that finger is the problem.

That's how I've seen people hold it/reccomend holding it. The pick doesn't feel as stable this way to me and the point of my finger hits the strings more often.

Should I change to the second way and just get used to it? Or do I just need to practice more because I'm too sloppy? Any tips from accurate strumming in general? Sometimes I'll be focusing so hard on not hitting the strings with my finger ill miss the strings in general. THANKS
I've only been playing for a year and 2 months so I'm no guru, but that second way seems awkward.
Edit: & the first way looks like your thumb comes off the pick a lot.
Here's what I'll say: Whatever the majority of online teachers/books/actual teachers say is what you go for. But I'd still play the way that's most comfortable for you.

Also Idk what kinda pick that is but it looks kinda small, I use .73 Dunlop Tortex. Or if I feel like watching my pick fade into nothingness I'll use Planet Waves Celluloid. (same size).

Uhh.. I'd advise that until you think it's all your fault. I feel like this problem can be easily fixed honestly.

My thumb and index make an X with the tips of the fingers, and my thumb doesn't go over the fat part of the pick, it rests right on top. I can move very swiftly with the way I hold it. (pretty sure i hold it standard)

But hey just wait for a guitar OG to tell you what the think.
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Ya my thumb does hand out quite a bit now that you mention it. Also my pick in the pic is a 1.14mm dunlop tortex so it's normal size I guess. Maybe I just have really big fingers? Thanks for the reply
Man, to be honest, those both look kind of awkward. Here's a shot of how I do it:

This has always felt like the most relaxing way to hold a pick for me. Part of the reason is that I'm also using my middle finger to anchor the pick. But I think it varies from person to person.

Give it a try: Thumb, pointer and middle finger all in the same spot.

If that doesn't work, just do whatever is most comfortable.
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I generally hold my pick as if I'm making an OK hand gesture, with the tip of my index finger and the pick facing the body of the guitar. That way my knuckles never come anywhere near the strings and I avoid your problem completely.
I doubt its your hands. My hands/fingers are massive and I have nothing like the problem you have.
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Man, to be honest, those both look kind of awkward. Here's a shot of how I do it:

What you are doing looks awkward to me. I can't imagine palm muting feeling very good holding it this way. It would create all kinds of strain on your wrist.