Herro people!

Well I'm thinking of building a head amp but i got lotsh of questions first.

1. Is it hard for a guy who's only wired a guitar? I'm kinda familiar with the parts but getting like the volume, gain, treble all that stuff wired correctly seems impossible.

2. How much is it going to be? I know you can get kits but I'm looking for my own custom settings and such so if i got the parts seperately, would it be more or less than a kit?

3. If anyone had a build thread or helpful videos, do you mind posting a link?

Thanks Guys!
1: yes. especially depends on wattage, features, and whether its tube or solid state.

2: again, depends on the circuit you want to build.

3: there are plenty of threads and videos and such. you just have to use google.

Its best to start small. i built a micro sized tube amp based on a fender 5c1 champ. now im working on a 5b2 princeton. my next build will be a push-pull amp maybe with trem. see where im going with it? start small and work your way up as your experience increases.
You should probably start with a kit. If you find it nearly impossible to wire up pots, I duuuuuuno man...Maybe someone who has more experience can help you out a little more with the specifics (like Cathbard, if he sees this)....In my opinion, you should start with a stompbox kit....
Jim: I want to do a tube amp with the standby and maybe clean and dirty channel and then master. kinda like the 6505. so then i want around 100w too.

I've seemed to have been unlucky with my searches. It just comes up with headphone amps XD. Do you have a thread I could look at to give me some help?

Dimarzio: Do you know of any dependable kits? I found one on Mojotone and some on ebay. I can always build the wooden frame and possible to build the electronics box thingy.
Youre gonna have to scale it way down. a 100w power amp, even a tube one, will be just as involved as the preamp.

Kits make things a hell of alot easier though.

Iirc tubedepot has high quakity kits of popular tube amps but they arent cheap. though they do come with everything, including a finished cabinet and chassis.

Edit: here. http://tubedepot.com/kitsguitar.html
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I guess it depends what you take out of it. And if you study up on what's really going on or just throw it together and be content.

I'm planning on doing an amp one day, I'm still sticking to pedals and guitars right now though.

But hey, if you can find a schematic and parts list for an amp, go for it. there's tons of resources out there to get it done.
Invader Jim got in first

But I want to add, you definitely want to start with a kit or a small 1 to 5 watt class A single end no bones straight tone amp as a first timer.

Guitar and pot wiring is not a precurser to amp building. Approach it as being a completely new experience.

But theres no reason why you can't build such an amp into a great looking chassis like the one you linked.
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