I love to write music in many different genres, including latin styles. I used to play bass in a local latin band, playing everything from latin pop to afro-cuban jazz. That afro-cuban stuff is some of the hardest grooving music in the world, I tell ya.....

It's a songo in the Chorus sections. I originally was going to add a piano montuno in the Chorus, but it was too busy in the chorus already. Here's the link:
Thank you for the reviews! Now your tune: you may consider this Latin (yes, I hear the Spanish lyrics here & there), though it still feels more Hawaiian to me than Latin (nothing wrong with that!); I remember you are from Oahu. I think it is the (all) vocals that give it that Hawaiian vibe to me. The vocals are good; all melodies are good, especially the vocal melodies. Perhaps it would take someone/people from Mexico, Central America, South America, or Spain.........or heck there are many Hispanics in the USA that could give it more of a Latin sound, but that is not important. You have a very pleasant song, instrumentally everything is fine also.