Ok so im looking to do ambient guitar swells but have the ability to play over them as well. I have a few thoughts and then a few "does that exist?" questions.

First thought is fairly obvious. Guitar>Volume pedal/Slow gear>Reverb and/or Delay>Looper>Amp. My only problem with this is that id feel pretty restricted since id need to start out with the slow gear on, then engage the looper, stop and run the loop then turn off the slow gear, turn on the other pedals im gonna use and then play.

Second. Guitar>"Stereo Splitter thingy?">(L-Slowgear>Reverb/delay) (R- rest of board)>"Stereo Unsplitter thingy?">Amp. Is there such a thing as a mono to stereo to mono pedal or do i just have to get another damn amp xD I dont think its as simple as running a breadboard that will split and then unsplit the signal. Also this really wouldnt let me control what i want to be used in the ambient side of it.

Lastly Guitar>"Something like the EHX SuperEgo but not">(Effect loop of pedal-Slowgear>Reverb/delay)>Rest of board>Amp. I like the super ego but i dont like the transitions, instead of simply layering one sound on top of the other, which doesnt sound bad, it seems to shift or pan which sounds really "dissonant"(or static-y. Dunno which is better). The freeze variant doesnt have a loop but does allow a clean signal passthrough Also the super is 200 bucks which is pretty annoying.

So basically i want something that will allow for me to run the ambient swell sound but still let a clean signal pass through. I like guitar pads but i want to be able to still play riffs and solos over them. The more i think about it, the more i think the first option is really the only one.
The second one seems fine and would work for what you want. Just merge the signal with something like this


You'll probably hate me for saying this but if you want to turn on and off numeral effects at once the best way would be to run a multi effects pedal. Then you can just have a patch for each sound/tone you're trying to get and switching between them would be almost effortless (No tap dancing) Plus it'd be a lot easier, just setting up and lugging around just that and your looper, instead of multiple pedals, splitters, mergers and power supplies ect... plus all you presets will be there and saved. Rather than you spending time before you play trying to get that sound you had last week because you've changed the controls since then.
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Nah i miss my old GNX4 now. Im wondering if that new zoom pedal might give me something similar to it but less dead. But i do love my tube amp now.