What foods are you eating that's throwing you off your balanced diet?

Too much of these as of late.
By way of pasta, potato and bread.

Junk food.
Too much sugar - 2 litre coca-cola red/loads of cake and ice cream.
Saturated fats with the pastries and too much cholestrol by way of full fat milk and eggs.
Transfats too (with my carbs).

Good food:

Burn your stomach fat.

That fish in my freezer (there's loads).
Any one of those is decent protien.

Water, water, water! (& supplements).
I should really cut some of the transfats out of my diet...
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I have a love of deep fried chicken and chips/wedges.

Iv given up soft drinks but
Carbs for me too. Money's tight and all I have on hand to eat are bulk bags of rice and pasta. Kind of screwing up my weight loss.
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I was on a low carb diet for a while and lost over 50 lbs, but I'm not a diet anymore. Taco Bell is my weakness, but I generally try to avoid junk food, but when it comes to carbs, I try to eat complex carbs (brown rice, whole grain pasta) and avoid simple carbs (white bread, pretty much any tasty junk food).
90% of what I eat is terrible. I hope to soon have a decent enough income where I can eat all organic home cooked meals.
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Sometimes healthy food throws me off my unbalanced diet...
Tell me who's that writin'...
Once I started cooking for myself I didn't have this problem anymore but then again I actually enjoy cooking and trying new ingredients.
Maybe try just going out and buying only healthy food and then surrendering to the fact that you'll have to use what you have and make the best of it. Eventually your hunger will win out and you'll be forced to google what recipes you can cook up with all those ingredients you bought. You never know you might end up liking some and then you can start replacing your crappy food with real food.
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