i had this in another thread the other day but it wasn't mentioned in there.

is this the right jack for a 1570 Prestige Ibanez?


anywhere to get a better price? or do they all go for that?


i am trying to tie up a bunch of loose ends tonight. i have been working on random guitars for the last three hours.


this is the same one and a bit cheaper. http://www.amazon.com/WD-Music-WDE13-Switchcraft-Guitar/dp/B00B1V6YN4

i have always been a little leery with amazon, is it legit?

are there fake switchcraft jacks?
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I have no idea what jack ibanez uses because I've never worked on one, but that one on amazon is from WD themselves, one of the bigger guitar parts suppliers around so I would feel safe getting theirs. And yes there could be fake switchcrafts but they would be on a less regulated place like flea-bay, amazon is fairly safe especially when you buy from real-world dealer's amazon stores.

Edit: Here's some info I found on wiring ibby style jacks if you need it.
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i am still getting conflicting information, from the proline, some are saying its too short or too long for ibbys, i just want to make sure i get what i need.

that proline is stereo.

this may be the answer, but am not sure.

Can't you just look at and measure your old jack to see if it's the right size?
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It should be part 3JK1J23.

exactly what i needed. many thanks.