Millions of tweets, Facebook status updates and even a blog about a bus shelter in Shetland are to be preserved for the nation.

As part of the launch of the process, the British Library has commissioned a survey of the top 100 websites that ought to be preserved for historians and researchers.

Among the sites recommended to keep material from are eBay, Facebook, The Pit, Twitter, Tripadvisor and Rightmove.

We cant let them do this.

They might realize how messed up this place is.

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The Pit should be chronicled simply because I'd love to browse through the many iterations of the drug thread some day.
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If websites represented history, The Pit would be the post apocalyptic future we all fear.
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If websites represented history, The Pit would be the post apocalyptic future we all fear.

That would be 4chan. We're more like an old power from 19th century Europe that's already had its time, but doesn't realise the end has already been.
I don't recognize 90% of those websites. Shouldn't these things be valuable?
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