Hi everyone,
So I own a lovely Epiphone Lucille that I've finally got the money to upgrade.
I'm getting the wiring kit from Stewmac , the Les Paul one with Switchcraft switch and CTS pots.
Also I'm getting a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates as the neck PU and an SH-11 for the bridge.

I was also thinking about upgrading the bridge and tailpiece with the Gotoh ones on Stewmac.. But tech support told me that the bridge isn't worth changing as it's already a Nashville and also the tailpiece that is a Schaller.
Is that true? No need to change the hardware?

Also what other mods could I do to get it up to speck?
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Personally, the only parts of a Lucille that I would change are the pots (if they're mini pots; some Epis have full-size pots), the nut and the toggle switch. One thing Epiphone does very well is hardware. Their tuners are as solid as tuners can get and their bridges are very, very nicely made. In the case of the Lucille you do have that Schaller fine tune tailpiece and things don't get better than that as far as stopbars go. You could replace the tune-o-matic with a locking one or a Graph Tech one which has their ResoMax saddles, but it would honestly be very hard to tell the difference; technically an improvement but almost unnoticeable in practical terms.

You may want to rethink changing pickups, too, since the VariTone switch is voiced for the stock pickups. If you change pickups then all the switch positions will be thrown off, changing which frequencies they effect.

You're also going to have to enlarge the control holes to take the CTS pots, since they have a larger shaft diameter than the 'import' pots the guitar comes with.
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No problem for the varitone.. Guess I can just take it off if it doesn't play well with the new pups its not that useful anyways. If I took the varitone knob off would that leave an ugly hole ?

I'm changing the pups because the stock ones sound muffled and excessively dark.. I've read of many people who've give with this swap for my same problems and are now super happy with the result.

Regarding the nut what would you recommend? I'd have it made by a luthier I know