Hi there
Wondered if anyone can help me. I've had a fernandes sustainer guitar for some years now. Not really looked into how guitars work ect till now. I use basic electronics in my job as a fire alarm engineer. So not totally useless. But new to this.
Well it's stopped working. LED on board not on. New battery. Plugged a jack in an checked voltage to connector. Which is there. Voltage drops when plugged in to around 1.1 volts?
Anyway. I was going to resolder everything on board. See if I had a dry joint.
If I try this and still nothing. Would I be able to re wire this guitar missing out the board an battery ect. And make it a passive? Or would I need diffrent pickups?
Guitar has the sustainer pick up at neck. And then a humbucker an a single. Humbucker an single both just have 2 wires coming into the back. Also has 5 way lever (has 8 lugs), vol, tone. Also has the 2 switches and sustain control. Which I can leave out.
Can give more info if anyone could help.
Thanks for your time :-)