Hello, does annybody uses a Mini clip tuner on stage? i mean for live gigs. does the loudnes of the crowd and everything affects the tuner?
I prefer a pedal tuner, but no nothing will affect it, the other guitarist in my group uses a snark tuner on his headstock, it works fine.
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
I've seen somebody use a mini clip tuner on stage, but he was purely using an acoustic all set which was mic'd up.

For electric/electro-acoustics I would definitely buy a Korg Pitchblack. Cheaper than the Boss & does the job equally as good if not better.
Yeah you can use it, but it's slightly distracting to see someone's guitar with a big chunk of plastic on the headstock. Definitely go with one like this:

It fits so that the only visible part other than the front side of the clip is behind the headstock. Personally I prefer pedal tuners because they mute the signal while tuning too. +1 for the korg, I've tried it and it works great, going to buy one when I get my pedalboard setup and start using my individual pedals instead of the multifx I've been using for live for quick setup. The korg is also true-bypass, I know the boss has a decent buffer but I already have a decent buffered pedal in my chain so I'd prefer true bypass.