I have noticed recently that when a person posts here requesting the chords to a song or tab that the link is forbidden... But they fail to put the name of the song and the artist in their request as well... Of course when the link is forbidden then we have no idea of what it is exactly that you want...... So please post the name of the song and the artist that performed it.... And if it is a song in particular that you want just type in exactly how it appears on the forbidden site so we can then type it in ourselves and get the one that you want exactly.... This is to help you get the chords or tab that you want....


However, lets say you want the live version of this particular song...then type in
Exactly what it says from the forbidden site... Example..


this way I can type in the above and know exactly which one you wanted from the forbidden website... As everyone knows what site you are talking about anyway....
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You can ask for the song you want right here... Just put the name of the song in the title... There is another way to do it as well...

On the home page there is one part on the right hand side towards the bottom that says:
Tabs in queue

Hit TABS REQUESTED and fill out the info you want there for the song you want...
However, to me it is best to put the request here at this forum.... Just look here and you will see people requesting all the time...
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