Every once and a while my guitar cuts out but if I change my pick up from the bridge pick up to the neck pick up and then back to the bridge it works again. Are the pickups going out or what?
No, it's your switch.

It's that 99% of the time.

Spray some electronics cleaner in it and give it a good jiggle
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Damn dusty switches!!! If you can't find any good contact cleaner, use PB blaster. It works fine for me. Just make sure to not use too much and to flip your guitar upside down after repeatedly moving the switch around to shake up whatever crap is in there. Problem is, it never really goes away. In the long run, it'll come back quicker and you'll just have to replace it. The old switches, you used to be able to really get in there and clean the contacts quite well. Now, most of them are pretty closed off from easy access.