Cape Town- Looking to start a band. Current members: 1 guitarist and 1 guitarist/keyboardist.


Bassist- Preferably a bassist who can sing lead vocals as well. Otherwise must be able to sing backing vocals.

*Possibly a vocalist- depends on bassist.

Must be around the age of 16.
Must have own gear- The louder the better.
Must be able to attend all rehearsals and gigs.
Must be able to arrange own transport.
Must be able to learn songs at a reasonably fast pace.
Must be committed to music and the band must be a high priority.

Auditions will take place in the Southern Suburbs, so you should live somewhere in/around there, but rehearsal space will be decided later once members are chosen.

You will be asked to learn up to 3 songs to perform with the current members.
Venue TBC.

Influences: Guns N' Roses, Green Day, Slash, Metallica, White Stripes, Van Halen, AC/DC, Rage Against The Machine, Dire Straits, Nirvana, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin.

Matthew: matthewcox1000@gmail.com
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