hey been an electric player for a wile looking to get into an acoustic any suggestions on a brand?
tough one..there are so many variables. body type( jumbo for boom, orchestra for fingerpicking and so many in between), nut width.. fingerstyle players get more out a wider 1 3/4 " nut but many prefer the 1 11/16". your budget is a huge consideration. a $200 yamaha fg700s( great guitar for the money) is worlds apart from a Cocobolo/engelmann spruce BTO Taylor at $5000.
there are many good brands out there depending on where you live. Matons are tops in Australia but unheard of in the States.
give us a little more to work with. there however, is no substitute for going out and trying a bunch and finding the one thats right for you.
well i live in Oklahoma I'm wanting it for more finger picking and blues/folk kinda music and most likely a budget of 400 but since I'm just starting out in acoustic I'm cool with a cheaper guitar for now. i had one my uncle gave me but my brother dropped it on its neck and shattered the poor thing.
try out Yammie's 700 series. pretty sure they come with a 1 3/4" nut( insert patti's expertise here). you'll want the wider fretboard for fingerpicking. i love Ovations but they suck ( 1 11/16" nut) for fingerpicking...all except my 2080sr, can't figure out why thats easier to fingerpick as it has the same nutwidth as all my others.
there was a lower end Martin on my local Craigslist last week that went for 350. not common but, deals like that can be had of your patient.
my list..Yamaha,Takamine, Seagull.. solid top would be better but a laminate isn't "horrible" plus with a lam top you don't have to worry as much about humidity issues... OK is a pretty arid area. then , if you think you'll stick with acoustic, save up for a better one. i went the opposite way and its taking my skill level a while to catch up to my equipment....quite a while
as far as i know, the yamaha fg series guitars are not available with a 1 3/4" nut. if you can wait for the next guitar center sale chances are you can get a seagull original s6 for your price.

there are several recording king 000s available on this page within your budget. they have solid tops and 1 3/4" nuts. there are also a couple 12 fret models on this page
and i am a big fan of recording king 000s, which are to my ear their best body shape.
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The FG700 has a 1 11/16" nut width. I was at their website a couple of days ago and checked for exactly that.