Hey guys,
I've been playing classical guitar for a long while now, and I would like to do some more fingerpicking stuff on an acoustic electric guitar. My capital is around 500-600 bucks. Up to now, the Martin 000X1ae caught my eye, any comments on that or other suggestions?
Go solid top. not sure if you can get laminate at that price but due some research on solid tops go in informed and try out a lot of different brands.

play a lot of guitars too. I'm starting to think of getting a better acoustic myself and i went in thinking i wanted a seagull(really like my dads) but ended up not liking the higher ends in the store i went to as much as a Martin that was their.

I'm not saying get a seagull or Martin I'm just saying don't go in with anything in mind just go play if you really like something go home read more about it go back and play it again.

rushing into buying a guitar is usually a big mistake IMO.
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Can't give you any solid suggestions... However...... Most folks who play fingerstyle exclusively on steel-string guitars seem to like certain things.
First, wider necks. This may apply especially to you as a classical player, you're used to that wider fingerboard.
Secondly, they tend to go for smaller bodies. The big dreadnaughts tend to be a bit bass-heavy, and most fingerstyle players like a more balanced tone.
Quite a lot like 12-fret necks, but I couldn't say that was a majority.

There are a lot of guitars in this category; the Martin OMs and OOOs are very popular if your have the scratch.
Here's just one of many dedicated fingerstyle pages with instrument reviews, tabs, a forum, etc.:
Honestly I have a Fender Hellcat Acoustic I got used for $200. Best guitar I've ever owned. Sounds incredible, plays incredible, and even my friend with a $1500 Taylor thinks it sounds awesome.

It's unique because it's a smaller bodied guitar, but has solid mahogany top. I cannot express how important it is to have a solid wood top. Especially as strings become older, its easier to tell.
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