Hellobfellow guitarist. I decided to purchase an avatar cab and looking for a speaker that has a nice a nice old school thrash/ british heavy metal sound.Eminence Wizard,Manowar,Governer and Swamp Thang catch my eye along with EV Black labels,jensson electric lightning and WGS liberator.There are so many i cant decide! Also what are the option of mixing these? i can think of alot of options,but never done this before.Thank you! also doing a 2 x 12.
Well as far as the mechanics of mixing speakers, you can wire up whatever you want, but you have to make sure it matches the ohmage options on your head. If you want it to be a 16 ohm cab, you need to wire two 8ohm speakers in series, whereas if you want an 8ohm cab, you need two 16ohm speakers in parallel. 4ohm cabs can be achieved with two 8ohm speakers in parallel.
old school thrash is possibly/probably g12t75s (eminence's version of that is the manowar, which i haven't tried).

british heavy metal is probably a bit middier and more vintage-sounding than that, though.

which is more important?

you can mix and match, too, but you need to be sure it's a combo that works well. v30/g12t75 is a nice all-round heavier combo (eminence versions are the governor and manowar, but i've only tried the celestion version).

a g1265 might be a nice halfway house, too (i think the eminence version is the tonespotter, and the wgs version is the et65).

EDIT: i don't think you want the swamp thang, it's much more american-sounding, and also much more modern-sounding.

EDIT #2: what amp will you be using the cab with?

Also welcome to the forum, by the way
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