I'm going to buy the Ibanez Iron Label (Ibanez RGIR20FE) next week, and as you might know there is a killswitch on that guitar. But this killswitch is a 2 way switch so only usefull during tuning or whenever you need your guitar to be total silent. But i'd like to do some strato effects with it (or play some Buckethead) so i would much prefer a button.

So these are my questions:
1. How hard is it to change the 2 way kill switch to a button kill switch (i'm a beginner in soldering)
2. Anyone knows if the button below will fit correctly in the current hole, and if it's the correct kill switch

Thanks in advance!
No idea if it will fit in the hole, but yes that is the correct switch. In terms of wiring, it's dead easy, a killswitch was the first mod I ever did, it's just two wires leading to the output jack, I don't know how the current one will be wired but it may even be a simple case of moving two wires to the new button. Also, there's an official killswitch thread somewhere in this subtopic I believe.