I am looking for something to hook my bass and computer up to. If this doesn't make sense, let me put it in another way: I want to record some bass directly in to my computer, so i don't need an amp, but a moddeling processor to hook up to my computer.

I'm looking for something around 200USD

Thanks in advance.
USB Recording Interface to record the Bass Guitar's dry signal And You can also use Modelling Software to actually have a Bass Amp tone.

So for under 200$ you can try this 59.95$:
I have the Lexicon Lambda but this one works fine as well.

And POD FARM modeling software 99$:

there are better options but to keep it around 200$ this will definitely get you in the ball park. The Bass Amp models on POD FARM are pretty nice IMO.

You'd plug the bass in the USB recording interface and load up POD FARM in whatever program you use to record.
You don't even need POD Farm; grab yourself an interface (like a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4) download Reaper (a free digital audio workstation for your computer) and you can use the stock plugins to get a pretty darn good bass tone, or grab some free VST plugins off the internet. I would recommend the Ronald Passion Bass Preamp; it's a free download.
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I have an USB interface (Komplete audio 6), but i like fiddling with knobs :P

But you guys are probably right. I owe it to myself to explore the digital interface options a bit more.
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