I've posted this in the pit and got some good feedback. I won't say on what to keep this thread unbiased but they recommended that I post here instead.

This is my most recent recording and would like some critical feedback. I already know a few things I would like to improve but it's hard self critiquing without being overly biased. All you fresh ears out there would do me a great favour, thanks!

I'm pretty sure most of the messages in the old thread were about how you should stop using UG to stroke your ego...
Ill wait and see if I get any more real advice. If not I'll work on what I've been given so far. I guess this site can only give advice to complete noobs, anyone intermediate or above is exempt from getting advice because they're all stroking their egos.
damn dude, played like a boss!
I dont know this solo all that well but it sounded spot on.
The tone was also great.
My only critique: There was a few times when the bends were slightly off, or were I thought you should have used more vibrato.
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Lord Cheswick, you are a comic genius!

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the move of a true gentleman sir Jacek. short, civilised, and intellectual. hats off to you good sir