Hi Everyone,

I'm look for a volume pedal of a particular type. I really just want to be able to preset 2 volume levels into the pedal and then have a button to switch between the two. I play lead guitar and lead vocals in my band and I want to make it as simple as possible. If I have to get the level of a normal volume pedal set exactly right each time this might be tricky. Does such a pedal exist?


With some volume pedals they have a minimum volume control on the side, so you can set that so when the pedal's all the way back you have your lower volume, push it all the way forward you have your full volume.
If you're just looking for two levels of volume, why not set your amp at the louder volume then use a simple volume pot box to turn it down in your amp's FX loop?
I think you are looking for something like MXR micro amp. You can set your amplifier on quieter settings, and just use the MXR to boost the overall volume (beware of the nasty clipping if you are playing on solid-state amplifier).
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Thanks everyone for the answers. Does look like the EHX signal pad is what I need. Although I have found another solution although much more expensive! The Marshall JVM410c has 4 channels and gives me everything I need. Best start saving...