Hey guys,

I snagged a used cheap Epiphone dot studio from a friend last week but I absolutely hate the "worn cherry" satin finish. Is there a safe way to get it glossy, real shiny without having to do extensive (i.e sanding, repainting, etc) work? Don't say play the thing either, it don't play that well yet. :/
I did a bit of research and some people say use car polish or something similar without silicone. Just wanna be sure so I don't muck anything up that would in the end ruin the wood down the line.
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So...using something like Meguiars Crystal Paint for cars wouldn't work? That's what I read online other people did to satin finishes.
Long Live Rock n' Roll
You can try car polish, it won't hurt anything to try it.

Make sure you remove all the hardware and electronics first. And I would sugest getting one of the car buffer that attach to a drill, it will make the job so much easier.

Also tie string/fishing line to every pot before you remove them. if you do not do this getting all the pots/switches back in will be a horrible nightmare.
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