Hi everyone, I'm having a nightmare trying to record bass for my song! I'm using a Westfield P Bass through a Focusrite 2i2 and Amplitube 3 and I cannot capture the sound I want at all!

I'll go through all the available amps and find one I like the sound of, record the intro of the song, listen back and it just sounds terrible! I don't know whether it's me, my equipment or what but whatever I do I just can't get it right!

I'm looking to get a Mirk Dirnt sound out of it so if anyone has any pointers I would be more than grateful!
So, your hear what you like in the speakers as you play and record, but when you play it back, it sounds different?

Is it possible that, while you play and record, you are hearing a blending of two different sounds (say, the sound of the bass direct and clean along with the amplitube), but when you are playing back the recorded file, you're just hearing the amplitube part of the sound?

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

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I think it's more of a case that it sounds okay on its own, but it doesn't sit right with all of the other instruments
Try playign the song with the bass guitar boosted a bit and mess with the EQ, usually taking out a bit of high mids helps fix it
Are your strings relatively fresh? Do you use a pick (it's recommended if you want to get Mike Dirnt's sound)?
Can you post some demos of your bass recorded in a song? But yeah, what you really need is a new bass.
No offense, but is it just that you not like how you play? When I first recorded myself, I thought I was a lot better than I was because I have never sat down and listen to myself play. You pick up mistakes you don't realize when you're playing.

Whatever it is post a sample of your recording to get more help.
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WOW! It definitely sounds so different on its own! Mine does not sound slightly close listening to that!

How should I set the compressor? I'm quite new to home recording and everything so still trying to learn the basics!

I think the bass probably has a lot to do with it as well! I haven't been playing bass for that long either (although been playing guitar for a while now) so my technique isn't great!

Drums and two guitar tracks in mix, will be vocals eventually as well!

Don't mean to sound stupid, but what is LPF? haha

Should I post the recordings in the mix with everything else, or on its own?

One more thing, do I add reverb?!
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LPF = Low pass filter, thought not particularly helpful in this situation.

You should be able to get a tone like that pretty easy doing DI into a sansamp (Try TSE B.O.D.) and ampeg head sim.
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Maybe the vst fx is turned off during playback for cpu relief.

Try to record and then mix it down to wav/mp3/aif

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Thanks Odirunn for that! Improved the sound quite a bit atually!

I'm just about to do a quick recording so you all can hear what it sounds like now!
Sounds nice, man! Both alone and in the mix. Maybe add a little bits lows and it'll be cool.