I'm currently looking for an amp suitable for small gigs (slightly bigger than a pub i guess). I've searched around through a few Marshalls, the VOX AC30 and the Line 6 Spider MKII 112 (which was my favorite out of them all). However whilst browsing I found the Line 6 POD HD500. Whilst testing it out through a monitor, it blew away all the other amps i'd tried, both in quality and variability of tone.

My question is, is it possible I could play these venues without an amplifier? While practicing by myself I always use head phones (I have a Spider 3 30 watt) and all of the places im likely to play in the future have their own PA system that I could use.

My budget is around £500 to £600, which nicely encompasses either an all tube amp or the POD.

I play and love really effect driven music such as Muse, but I also write & record my own through a Zoom G2.1Nu multi-effects pedal. I'm a competant guitarist. I can play all of Muse's tracks with ease and am currently trying to learn some Steve Vai (I would Love to).


My Gear

- Line 6 JTV89 Variax
- Ibanez s570
- Yamaha Pacifica 112 XJ
- Line 6 Spider III
- Line 6 Spider Valve MKII 212
- Line 6 POD HD500x

- Roland Gaia SH-01
Well, obviously as long as you have a PA system with monitors, you should be fine. I'd take the POD over the Spider Valve personally, but you are throwing yourself at the mercy of the soundguy.
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If you like the sounds and function and you are sure there will always be a PA you can play through, the HD500 is fine. You like it + it works = obvious choice. It would be a good idea to get a basic clean amp to run it into, though, so you can be sure you'll always have something to amplify it.

If you like the Line 6 stuff, consider getting the HD500 for now and then a DT amp later. Just look up this combination to see everything it can do for you.

The Spider Valve MkII is also a decent enough amp, though you'll need to get a FBV foot controller with it.

As far as the Marshalls and Vox go, I'm sure many people will tell you to go with them purely because of brand recognition, and both brands do make some damn fine amps, but if you like the functionality from modelling then that's the way to go.
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