I'm in a bind

Wondering about string gauge for my Squire stagemaster 7. I wrote to Squire and got a good bit of info on the guitar but it said ".009- .042" for string gauge. I have .009-.042 for my 6- string. Just to start, I'd like to try to stick w/ the gauge that Squire used from the factory or as close to it as possible. Can I buy a single pack of strings that fit the bill or would I have to buy one pack of 6 strings and get the 7th string separately & what size would the 7th string be?

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Thanks. I have read where .056 was used as well by another guitar player on another music board.

I'm also just wondering if those specs were correct in that they companies only provide for the first six strings in their spec sheets and leave the 7th up to the player or all 7 strings fit within that range.

Oh well, I was planning on taking my guitar to a luthier anyway next week & he's pretty experienced as well.

P.S. - r u an INTJ? I am too.
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