Hi I really need help figuring out what to write. My friend really wants me to play this bass part ([forbidden link]) and it is almost impossible. I need to either learn this by next week or write a new part completely. I was thinking instead of going 14-11-0-0-0-0-0 in 32nd notes I could just do 14-14-14-14-14-14 a few times in 8th notes or 16th notes. I know I am not being descriptive but any help would be great! I also attached the file if for some reason you don't have flash player but you do have guitar pro.
Sometimes it sounds better for the bass to not follow everything the guitars are doing. So instead of playing that fast riff just chug out root notes and maybe add a little counterpoint.
thanks but the guitar is playing all 32nd notes with open notes in between quick notes, maybe i should just play open 16th notes then?
All I can say is that the GP5 looks awful. The tempo isn't 110, it's 220 which will make your 32nd notes 16th notes and a lot easier to read. Also the time signatures are marked wrong. 1/4 time signature just doesn't really exist. Or I see no point in marking that as 1/4. Whatever, this wasn't the main point of the thread.

Really, play what sounds good to you. Just try playing open 16th notes. I bet nobody's going to hear if you are playing open 32nd or 16th notes on bass. I don't think it changes the sound that much.
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I just wrote in what I would play in this situation. The right hand is pretty much just doing semi-quavers now with pull offs every now and then.

I didn't go all the way through because you could probably get the jist pretty quickly.
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