I like the intro. Reminds me of end of movie music. I'm not sure how I feel about those like almost 8-bit like sounds that are coming from my right speaker though? Its not that they're bad, I'm just not sure the tone fits in with the piano right. Things pick up at about 1:21 and I'm liking it. I was iffy on the drums before but they fit in better now.
Nice when the bass came in at 2:20, although I kinda wish the song would have reached a higher dynamic there its a nice buildup. When it does finally reach the climax-y part at 2:50 I think you could have gone a bit more aggressive. Like maybe make the drums more in your face at this point and increase the piano volume. The guitar bends were a really nice and the part at about 3:52 is like one of my favorite things. I really like that bendy crap, it fit in perfect here too.
Think it might have been better to just end it at 4:53 than continue on with the song, although I did like the guitar thing at the end.

Overall this song is quite pretty, but like your last one I think you just need to use dynamics more efficiently and it'll take your songs to the next level. What you have here is real nice, just try to make some things louder and pop out more when climaxing.

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Intro has nice tonality and phasing. Bulids up brilliantly.
Tbh Im not liking the tone of the lead at about 1:30ish, but thats my own personal preference.

That build at the 2:20 part was perfect, although the climax after the build up was slightly disapointing.

I loved the outro to this song, real feel good music like.

Just needa get your chorus right bro.

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