so in my quest to only own guitars from the 1980's i have recently aquired a charvel model 3dr (or what im gatering it is) i was in the process of changing out the pickups when i found out two things 1. the bridge was a dimarzio (most likly the reason it sounded so good but im a duncan man) and 2. the neck is a single coil and it has a lable on it that says select by EMG ....... has any one ever herd of this i cant find any thing about them ....... all the charvel sites show the guitar with stock pickups and seeings how i picked this up from a pawn shop im figuring some one put these two after the fact ........so any way what im asking is does any one know what this single coil is or have any info what so ever i love the tone its very thick almost like a hot rail i would like more to to replace in other forgottern gems
You must not have searched very hard because typing "select by EMG" into Google tells you everything you need to know.

They're EMG's equivalent to 'Duncan Designed' pickups; generic MIK pickups with a brand name stamped on them. The EMG Select single coil is actually a twin blade humbucker design, with the coils wired parallel instead of the usual series wiring.

If you want more detailed information, hit up Google. Everything is there.
Yes, I know everything. No, I can't play worth a damn.
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