Hey, guys and gals! ^.^

In a lot of Tremonti's playing, I've noticed during clean/intros to songs it sounds like he's tracking a weird clean. I'm not sure if its electric or just acoustic. It's definitely either just acoustic, or both with electric meshed in one.

Example: Fallout - Alter Bridge (intro)


A thousand faces - Creed


If anyone can help me or suggest what he's doing it'd be very helpful as I do love this sound and want to emulate it and use it in my own songs

Thank you!
Probably just the pickups he uses man, but it may be an acoustic. I know he runs a DR for his cleans live.
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Not sure what he used for recording, but live he uses 2 Fender '65 Twin Reverbs for his cleans. Fallout sounds like it's just a clean tone, but A Thousand Faces sounds like it may be an actual acoustic with some overdubbing using an electric.
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