Poll: Have You broken a guitar string while playing?
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No, I just change them due to age/sound.
5 20%
Yes, I have broken a string while playing.
16 64%
Yes, AND a string break has happened during a live show.
4 16%
Voters: 25.
Hey everyone! Im going to be taking a survey for a presentation I have to give, so any feedback is helpful. Its simple, the poll is just on whether or not you have broken a guitar or bass string while playing, and if so, was it during a performance. Thanks!
Never broken an electric string.

Broken plenty acoustic strings.

Never performed.
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I think the strings I got for my cuatro are very, very cheap because I've already busted 2 and I put way less hours on that thing than I do my electric and acoustic. I have popped a string on both of those before, too, though.
I break strings all the time. And definitely during shows.
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Never broken strings
Barely ever change my strings
When I first started playing, I was using factory strings from a fake strat for 3 years without any problems

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i dont often break strings but i keep my guitars well set up and i use 13 on acoustic and 10s and 11 on electric

usually break strings on my acoustic when im trying out different tunings or when i doze out while tuning and tunr a bit too far
I almost never break strings from playing. Every time it has happened was because of me being an idiot and tuning too high by accident, or because a burr formed on the saddles or tuning peg.

I'm pretty good with strings overall. I don't sweat that much and I don't have acidic skin so strings for me last a long time. I change strings maybe 3 or 4 times a year when they finally wear out or start to feel gritty.
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I've broken the most while tuning up after changing strings. I may have broken one or two while playing. Never broken any live.

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