Hi everyone, I'm hoping the good folks in the UK and or the Netherlands can help me solve a problem. I'm trying to buy guitar equipment for my son who lives with his mom in the Netherlands, from Amazon UK and have them shipped to him. However, I do not know if they will plug right in a be compatible with the Netherlands electrical outlets. If not, no sense in sending him gear that wont work.

So ultimately I'm trying to find out if UK gear is completely compatible with European electrical standards. Any Brits or Dutch folks know the answer to my question. I would greatly appreciate if you have knowledge to share.

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They have little converter plugs, so even if it is different, a little extra purchase can fix it.
Awesome!!! You both have been a tremendous help!! Yes I noticed the plug pattern on the UK stuff was definitely different than the Dutch. I lived in The Netherlands for 1 year 2006 - 2007 and then my wife and I separated. Haven't seen my son or daughter that live with their mom since 2007 so I really want to send them nice guitar gear and electronics that will work for them.

Once again, much thanks.....this makes me wanna jam.
Holding a Strat is like holding a woman.....