Hi everyone,
I recently bought a second hand 1995 USA Tele.
It had a lot of fret buzz, so after checking it out I decided that the neck needed a bit more relief.
I though that loosening the truss rod 1/4 of a turn would do the trick, but it didn't change a thing.
I tried another 1/4 of a turn, and still nothing changed.

The only thing that happened was the little truss rod hole cap thing is lifting out with each turn!
The truss rod now seems pretty loose and easy to turn.

I'm new to setting up guitars, and I probably should have left it to a pro...

Have I damaged my guitar?
Has anyone seen this before?

Thanks guys

G'day, I'm Marcus
Sounds like the truss rod nut wasn't engaged on the truss rod, so by you loosening it, were just pulling the nut out, which has lifted the wood cover. You need to take it to a pro so he can clamp the neck and get some bend on it.