I have two pedals, a Boss DS1 and Boss CS3. I use a Squier bullet strat and a Fender Deluxe 85 amp. I've been using these two pedals for half a year now, and I love them. The only problem I have is the order of the pedals. Usually a wah or compressor go first in the chain and a delay ends it if I'm correct. My setting was usually Strat>CS3>DS1>amp. The compressed tone sounds awesome, but the DS1 sounds really dirty. I usually love that, but this is only good for rythym, and since I play lead guitar it doesn't suite me well. When I use them together the distortion is really weak. Today I made the best setting on the guitar and amp as I could, and decided to switch the two pedals so the order was Strat>DS1>CS3>amp. The distortion was so epic and bluesy (I play blues, rock and funk) and I just couldn't get enough of it. And when combined with the CS3 it sounded even better. But the CS3 when I used it alone, didn't give me that clean blues tone as it used to in my first setting. It kinda sounds uneven. Does someone have any advice on this? I know people say I should experiment and do what I like, but I want to hear other opinions too.
I haven't picked up a compressor yet, so I have not used it in my rig. But if I were to do so I'd probably start with your second setup first. In some ways, depending on the pedal, you can use a compressor as a "boost", it's not really boosting anything volume wise just makes it stand out a little better. I would stick with your second setup and try to tweak the compressor to see to it. But some people like the first setup too, neither way is wrong
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this problem is interesting to me as there should not be much difference in the tone of an individual pedal based on its location in the chain. One important thing to note is that boss pedals (most) are not true bypass and this could potentially be the reason you are experiencing some "tone sucking" as its commonly referred to when you are using your compressor alone. i gnerally dont subscribe much to this phenomenon however because my board has 9 pedals all mixed tb and not tb, but most are buffered and/or tb and i dont notice any real tone sucking per say. i would advise that you stick with the second setup ds1>comp>amp because with both pedals on you will get the most natural sound out of your ds1 if it is up front, behind the compressor, a distortion will not respond nearly asa well to your natural picking attack and will not exhibit the natural dynamics we al love about dirt boxes. Also do as the other guy had said and tweak the cs3 a bit, you may need to boost the level or gain/sustain of the compressor to get the same tone you used to when it was up front (if you get "gas" gear acquisition syndrome hahaha and end up getting more pedals youll realize that much tweaking is necessary to figure out how to get the sounds in your head). while boss pedals are great esp for the price (i own an md2 and have played friends dd2 and blues driver) i have heard complaints like this before but honestly havent experienced any major issues myself. hope this helps man keep tweaking and fiddling hopefully youll get the tone youre searching for
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