it seems that for the price it tops the quality ..
Anyone that had any experience with this 30" scale 7 string and wants to tell me their opinion on it ?
How does the EMG 707 sound on this one ? is the distortion tone brutal and the clean tone dark , thick and deep ? And is it easy to get a clean tone ( i have a peavey vypyr tube 60 modelling amp so i have loads of presets and options)?
aesthetics problem : as you can see it is a natural mahogany ..the name says it .. it isn't painted nor varnished , and i was wondering that it could get really dirty because of this , and the cleaning of it will be a pain in the a**...so is it true ? anyone knows how much it would cost for me to get it at least varnished or painted and varnished ?
Thank you!
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When you buy a guitar in "natural", it still has a finish, usually clear gloss or satin. I can't imagine they would sell a guitar with an unfinished body. You can clean it just like any other guitar.

Unfortunately, I don't really know anything about this guitar, but I just wanted to make that clear.
i can't see any finish on this guitar , and on the site i linked it doesn't say anything : \
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i can't see any finish on this guitar , and on the site i linked it doesn't say anything : \

It has a finish, probably poly.
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i hope so...
hmm on http://www.rondomusic.com/septorelt830ebemgobflame.html it says that it has a finish , but on this one it does not...
going to have them paint it anyway like the one linked cause i just love how it looks...i wonder how much would that cost me


You can see the finish on it.

That 8 string has a flame maple veneer. Unless youi're going to veneer the 7 string, it won't look like that.

And I think it's a terrible idea to buy an $800 guitar, sand it down, and refinish it. Search around and see what else is out there first.
-well now that it has a finish , no need to paint and blabla ...: )-
so no one had any experience with this guitar ?
I've met people both online and offline that swear by agiles. Supposed to be good bang for your buck, especially the 7 strings but I've never gotten a chance to play one
Why do you want a 30" scale?
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-so i won't have any problems with tension
-more tonal possibilities
-i just like large scale guitars
Had an Agile Septor 830, neck through 8 string with passive pups. Thing fricken tore up, spicy neck thickness man, so thin yet so snug. Solid quality finish and great hardware. Sounded fricking BIG through my Marshall DSL100 and Framus Cab.
I i would have to play a guitar with a 30" scale before i would even consider one. you would have to stretch a lot farther to reach frets, it would feel totally different. even 27"s feel weird to me. why do you need to go that low? what would benefit you buy having that scale.
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don't think it would bother me that much because i did play bass for a while and i am used to stretching ...and i always wanted a 30" guitar , and now i finally found it !
bump, in hope that someone had experience with this guitar and would like to share it
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also i am about 183cm in height , and i think it suits me : )

Height isnt everything. I'm 193cm northern giant with heavy build and I wouldnt even dream of playing 30" scale guitar. I have large hands but fingers are average length and pinky is relatively very short compared to rest, so 24.75 is perfect scale for me and 25.5 max I can play comfortably. And still stretches are a pain in the ass...

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soloing is easier on a 30" guitar in my opinion. I have pretty big hands and fingers so it was like super easy to do huge clean bends and sweet vibrato even at the high E 24th fret on my Agile 830